Nelson Harvey Martial Arts Instructor

Nelson Harvey in Amarillo - Harvey's Karate & Fitness

Nelson Harvey

Owner of "Harvey's Karate & Fitness"

  • Regional "Golden Gloves" Boxing Champion
  • Six Time "U.S. Open Karate Champion"
  • "Elite" Body Guard Certification
  • City Wrestling Champion
  • Doctorate of Philosophy Ph.D
  • 9th Dan - GRANDMASTER
  • 9th Dan - Chung Do Kwan
  • 6th Dan - Moo Duk Kwan
  • Certified "KRAV MAGA" Instructor (Isreali)
  • Certified "Haganah" Instructor (F.I.G.H.T.)
  • 9th Dan - Ruyuku Kempo
  • Six Weapon Certified
  • Texas Instructor of the Year (American Karate Black Belt Association) 1992
  • Texas School of the Year 1992
  • C.E.O. of Texas Black Belt Commission
  • Full Time Instructor since 1981
  • Semi Pro Alligator Wrestler
  • Trainer of State and National Champions in "MMA Fighting" and Full Contact Karate
  • TCLEOSE Trained Instructor Level III (Texas)
  • State Certified Bodyguard Instructor (Level IV)
  • Emergency Medical Technician Certified (Basic)
  • PPCT Certified Instructor
  • Personally Promoted by Jhoon Rhee, Tae Kwon Do
  • Personally Promoted by George A. Dillman, Karate

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